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Whether you see yourself as a professional looking to extend your career or a fresh graduate seeking to gain valuable knowledge, we are open to all. Impress us with your dynamic management skill, tell us how creative you can get, or maybe even show us your technical gift towards the digital realm.

Grow with a Specialised Team and Rise to the Top

Curious on how you can be apart of us, here are the positions we are looking for as per follows:


Workplace & Culture

We have the privilege of working daily with talented, passionate, and diverse colleagues. We enjoy working as a team and helping each other across departments as we see diversity to be our strength. It’s our sense of open and including communication that makes our workplace fun, innovative, and dynamic.

ZStar Global ® culture is based on trust, and it’s a great blend of dedication to tasks and humor. Our culture is professional and goal-oriented while also having room for fun. When we achieve our goals, we celebrate! With diverse social events, we keep our culture strong.

Grow with the Winning Team and Rise to the Top

Curious on how you can be apart of us, here are the positions we are looking for as per follows:

Core Values

  1. Think Big
  2. Learn at Warp Speed
  3. Dive Deeper
  4. Whatever it Takes
  5. Make it Better

Marketing Executive

We are looking for a motivated individual that has passion for marketing and assisting in campaign growth from start to completion. Preferred background in Marketing or Business related fields.

Senior Marketing Executive

As a Senior Marketing Executive we are looking for an experienced individual capable of performing Strategy, Planning & Execution of Campaign programs . Able to liaise with authorities and ensure advertising licence permits are active and monitored regularly.

Marketing Manager

For the role of a Marketing Manager we are looking for experienced professionals within the fields of marketing, business development & strategy planning. Able to manage a team and represent us to our clients.

3D Animation Designer

We are looking for technical professionals with graphic and 3d designing skills. Must be able to design procuts specifications based on campaign and clients liking, reviewing enhancements of campaign requirements.

Graphic Designer

For this role we are looking for creative professionals preferable from IT background. Must be able to vers in visual creation, adverts, branding designs, and public material designs.

Business Development Executive

This role requires a motivated individual from sales & marketing experience. Comfortable with handling clients and maintaining a professional conduct at all times.

Web Designer

For this position we are looking for individuals that are fluent in coding, and creation of a site. Able to make design layouts for web pages for internal & external usage.Preferably from an IT background.

Account Executive

Seeking individuals with multi talents to help with the expansion and growth of the company.Must be able to find leads and closing sales deals with existing clients or new prospects. Preferably having a business or sales related background.

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