Creative Agency In Malaysia – Top 15 Picks To Make Your Business Pop (2022 Guide)

When it comes to any type of digital marketing strategy, the best way to stand out from the competition is by being creative. This is where creative agencies come in.

creative agency is specialized in creating and implementing imaginative and innovative solutions to help create brand awareness for businesses. This can be done through design, story-telling, and copywriting.

The goal is to better showcase products or services which ultimately leads to increased profits.

So if you’re looking for the best creative agency in Malaysia, we’ve listed out 15 of the best creative agencies that are bound to fit what you’re looking for.

15 Recommended Creative Agencies in Malaysia

1. Light Up 7

Light Up 7 | Creative Agency in Malaysia | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

Combining technology and customer-driven marketing strategy, Light Up 7 is all about transforming their client’s businesses. This world-class creative digital agency was founded in 2014 in response to the growing demand for digital marketing.

They have since worked with leading brands from a variety of industries both locally and globally, creating gold-standard digital experiences that led to significant growth and even revenue.


  • Uses its own state-of-the-art project management system
  • Offers branding and creative services such as collateral design, desktop publishing, corporate identity, and even communication design
  • Has won 4 awards at the Prestigious Agency of the Year and MARKIES Awards 2022
Services Digital Marketing, Event Management, Growth Strategy, Video & Photography, Media Buying, Website & Apps
Contacts Website, Email, Phone, Facebook
Notable Clients Sime Darby, Petronas, Astro, Unilever, Prudential, Hotlink

2. Clover Creative & Communications Sdn Bhd

Clover Creative & Communications | Creative Agency in Malaysia | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

With over 18 years of advertising and creative design experience, you can be sure that Clover Creative & Communications has served a wide range of industries.

When it comes to working with clients, they believe in taking a more holistic approach through comprehensive value-added services that are both convenient and cost-effective.

They’re able to deliver an extensive range of services through the use of their own partners and vendors, whom they’ve worked with for more than a decade. This includes services such as print banners and even customized corporate gifts.


  • Creative services include printing that encompasses packaging design & production, festive packs, and all types of below-the-line marketing
  • Partners and vendors enable them to deliver all types of creative work, making them a one-stop center for all design and creative advertisement
Services Branding Design, Digital Solutions, Events, Print, Corporate Gifts
Contacts Website, Email, Phone, Facebook
Notable Clients Amway, Sunkist, Pantai Medical Center, Allianz, Ajinomoto, Bank of China

3. ZStar Global

ZStar Global | Creative Agency in Malaysia | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

Looking for a comprehensive digital marketing & advertising agency that can also deliver creative work? ZStar Global specializes in areas such as localization, design, and even setting up E-commerce marketing services for SMEs throughout Asia Pacific. This includes Hong Kong, Taiwan, and of course, Malaysia.

With 20 years of marketing experience and 5 years in E-commerce, ZStar Global has since served more than 15 different industries and numerous brands to help grow their business.


  • E-commerce service includes everything from migration, maintenance, 24-hour support, CRM solutions, and even touch points such as POS
  • Known also as an influencer marketing agency that offers live streaming as part of their services
Services Influencer Marketing, Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Video Creation, Affiliate Marketing, Content Generation
Contacts Website, Email, Phone, Facebook
Notable Clients Lazada, Panasonic, Hershey’s, Saito University College, Zen Suous

4. Stelix Media

Stelix Media | Creative Agency in Malaysia | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

Stelix Media was founded in 2017 and has since become an award-winning web and digital agency with a team of young and vibrant individuals who are passionate about creative digital marketing.

They take pride in being a full-service creative digital marketing agency with the ability to understand the complexities of various industries.

This has led to them offering tailor-customized solutions for individual needs, as well as tracking and analyzing campaign performance data in order to achieve successful digital marketing campaigns.


  • Creative marketing includes areas such as packaging design, name card designs, collateral design, and UI/UX designs for websites
  • Won the Malaysia Website Awards (MWA) 2019 Site of the Month
  • Certified partners with Google and Meta
Services Website Development, E-Commerce Development, Google Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Creative Design, Viral Marketing
Contacts Website, Email, Phone, Facebook
Notable Clients DHL, Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre (MaGIC), Falken, Maserati, CGC

5. Envicion Studio

Envicion Studio | Creative Agency in Malaysia | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

Envicion Studio began its journey in 2009 as a young and creative advertising agency with a team of great graphic designers and web designers. They started off by providing full-service advertising, web design, and digital marketing, but have now expanded into other areas such as digital marketing, video editing, 3D rendering, branding, and more.

They have since worked with some of the top brands in Malaysia in industries such as FMCG and property developers.


  • Great for those in the property industry as they are one of the few agencies to offer 3D rendering services that include 3D Walkthrough, Architectural Visualization & High-quality Photo-Realistic Images
  • Provides interior design for commercial, retail, and even residential properties
Services Marketing Campaign, Branding, 3d Rendering, Advertising, Digital Marketing, Interior
Contacts Website, Email, Phone, Facebook
Notable Clients OSK Property, Setia Property, Prego, Campbell’s, Ferco Home

6. W3RK Creative Agency

W3RK Creative Agency | Creative Agency in Malaysia | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

W3RK Creative Agency is a creative Penang-based integrated digital agency that provides a wide range of services all under one roof. Since 2004, they have helped transform brands and businesses through meticulously crafted communicative designs and creative strategic thinking.

The agency has worked with a variety of businesses in Penang and even across the globe. This includes small and medium-sized businesses, multinational corporations, government agencies, start-ups, and entrepreneurs.


  • Specialty includes those in the education, real estate & manufacturing industries
  • Involved in experience and environmental design such as packaging, signage, and even wayfinders
  • The chosen agency preferred by multinational corporations such as Keysight Technologies and Micron Technology
Services Brand Marketing & Strategy, Creative Marketing, Digital Marketing
Contacts Website, Email, Phone, Facebook
Notable Clients Honda, Mr. DIY, Crestern Property, Keysight Technologies, HNG Capital

7. Walk Production

Walk Production | Creative Agency in Malaysia | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

Walk Production is a creative agency in Malaysia that promises to have everything a business needs to grow. Their experience includes areas such as strategy, branding, Malaysia copywriting, website development, SEO, and content marketing.

Their team includes business consultants, designers, writers, and digital marketers — all of which work together to explore new possibilities with design, content creation, and strategy development for businesses.


  • Experience in B2B digital marketing with business consultants to help businesses grow
  • Creative services include publications such as annual report design, coffee table book design, catalog design, and more
  • Offers Award Submission services
Services Branding & Design, Editorial & Copywriting, Website, Award Submission
Contacts Website, Email, Phone, Facebook
Notable Clients Foodpanda, Tan Chong Motor, Argile Partners, Desa Parkcity, MCT Berhad

8. Graphic Lab Malaysia (GLM)

Graphic Lab Malaysia | Creative Agency in Malaysia | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

Established in 2011, GLM is a branding and creative agency that has solved many business problems through their creative designs and advertising strategies.

Their goal is to help businesses stand out from the crowd, which they accomplish by understanding their branding position, developing the brand identity, and integrating all of the designs and strategies to help the business.

In the end, the goal of GLM is to help brands tell their stories to their target audience.


  • 99.8% Bumiputera-owned agency
  • Branding services include creating brand positioning, naming & tagline, and even brand guidelines
Services Branding, Advertising, Digital Marketing
Contacts Website, Email, Phone, Facebook
Notable Clients AIA, F&N, Sunway Medical Centre, Tenaga Nasional, Tourism Selangor

9. INKA Creative Agency

INKA Creative Agency | Creative Agency in Malaysia | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

INKA is a creative agency with a strong philosophy. They offer boldness, detail-oriented, innovative, and professional work that is bound to push a business to the highest limits it can achieve.

As a creative agency, it combines over a decade of experience and cutting-edge processes to develop strategies and designs that will get people talking about the businesses they work with.


  • Offices in not only KL but also Singapore
  • Publications services even include Timeline Management and Production Consultation for a smoother process
Services Creatives for Strategy, Branding, Website, Publications
Contacts Website, Email, Phone, Facebook
Notable Clients Xcess, CDC, Pemandu , PINTAR, Fantastic Tours

10. Youmo Studio

YOUMO Studio | Creative Agency in Malaysia | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

Youmo Studio began as a copywriting agency and has since evolved into a marketing and advertising agency in Malaysia that handles everything from branding to marketing designs, printing, digital marketing, and more.

Their social media and digital marketing services help businesses communicate with their target audience more effectively.

They take pride in conceptualizing ideas that capture attention, with the goal of exceeding their clients’ expectations – all of which is done by combining creative concepts with strategic marketing planning.


  • Copywriting services offered include copy from headlines to articles and Facebook campaigns to advertisements
  • Worked with 55 different luxury beauty brands through their subscription service, The Lilac Box, and discovery platform, Sparklet
Services Copywriting, Digital Marketing, Advertising, Branding, Designing, Social Media
Contacts Website, Email, Facebook
Notable Clients Yves Rocher, Laura Mercier, Inglot, Jimmy Choo, Calvin Klein

11. Grey Group Malaysia

Grey Group Malaysia | Creative Agency in Malaysia | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

Known as one of Malaysia’s largest advertising agencies, Grey Group is committed to developing and delivering big ideas that accelerate brand possibilities.

They do this through the use of their own proprietary tool called SHIFT, creating powerful business and building brands through creative ideas.

They also develop their own annual research called ‘Eye on Asia’ offering insights into key consumption trends that shape branding and communications.


  • Have been active since 1917 making them one of the oldest advertising agencies at 105 years old
  • An agency with close to 40 offices around the world, which is what makes them the largest advertising agency
Services Advertising, Branding, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Marketing Research/Data Analytics, Web Design Production/Development, Printing, PR
Contacts Website, Email, Facebook
Notable Clients Pringles, Pantene, SoundCloud, Volvo, Pfizer

12. Mantra Communications Sdn Bhd

Mantra Communications | Creative Agency in Malaysia | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

Mantra is all about being a one-stop solution as it is an advertising agency, a design firm, an event planner, a digital specialist, and a social media agency all rolled into one.

Whether it’s advertising, events, or digital marketing, they provide integrated brand communication solutions to assist brands in reaching their target market and meeting business objectives.


  • Offers Livestream services for businesses doing events such as sales drives, warehouse sales, product launches, and more
  • Have won multiple awards including the AOTY Awards, Kancil Awards, Markies Awards, etc.
Services Advertising, Brand Strategy, Design, Digital Marketing, Event Planner
Contacts Website, Email, Phone, Facebook
Notable Clients The Curve, Panasonic, Chevron, Acer, Spritzer

13. Emperikal

Emperikal | Creative Agency in Malaysia | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

Mixing passion, data, and creative flair, Emperikal brings the best minds in the digital marketing industry to create incredibly growth-focused online campaigns for their clients.

The agency began in 2017 and has since been providing cutting-edge digital marketing solutions to brands of all sizes, with the goal of assisting clients in optimizing their marketing efforts and maximizing their returns.


  • Empirikal creative services include newsletter image and layout, branding and design, to even social media creative assets and sales materials
  • Provides performance marketing and biddable media with services such as Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and even Pay-Per-Click Google Ads (PPC)
Services Social Media, SEO, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Creative, Performance Marketing, Website Design, Digital Marketing
Contacts Website, Email, Phone, Facebook
Notable Clients Maxis, Affin Bank, BP, Common Ground, TMC Life Sciences Berhad

14. Creative Unicorn

Creative Unicorn | Creative Agency in Malaysia | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

Creative Unicorn is a fast-paced creative agency in Malaysia full of growth-oriented individuals.

They believe in fostering a culture of daring innovation that breeds superstars, which can be seen through their case studies available on their website. They even share the success rate of each of the campaigns conducted with their clients!


  • Offers BTL marketing and execution as well as concept adaptation as part of their creative services
  • Have been awarded The MARKies Awards for Most Effective Use – Mobile through their BIMB Investment Management App
Services Creative Design, Campaign Strategy, Corporate Rebranding, Copywriting, Social Media, Data Analytics, Research & Development, Video & Photo Production
Contacts Website, Email, Phone, Facebook
Notable Clients, Astro, Toast Box, Maggi, UOB

15. One Search Pro

One Search Pro Marketing Malaysia | Creative Agency in Malaysia | One Search Pro Digital Marketing

One Search Pro offers more than ten years of combined knowledge, experience, and expertise in areas such as website design, social media marketing, and social media optimization. This also includes creative services as a creative design agency.

As an advertising agency in Malaysia, the brand believes in devising strategic branding approaches based on the business’ target audience, crafting the brand’s voice to create its own distinct brand story. What matters is building and sustaining an unbreakable trust between the business and the public.


  • Achievements include a Top 10 Ranking Guarantee for their SEO services and are official Google and Facebook Partners
  • Creative services include videography & photography, concept development, branding & identity, and logo design
Services Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Google Ads Malaysia, Creative Services, Website Design
Facebook One Search Pro – Home
Instagram One Search Pro’s @onesearchpro
Notable Clients BeautyFoo Mall, Mobil 1, The Mind Design, Boba Wang, iPharma Home

How To Choose The Right Creative Agency Malaysia For Your Business

With there being plenty in the creative industry in Malaysia to choose from, it can be a daunting task to select the right one. In order to narrow down your options, here are three factors for you to consider in your quest:


Knowing how much you can afford is the best place to start, even more so if you’re from a small business. Creative work can be expensive, especially if you’re looking for more specialized skills, design, and strategies.

With that said, the majority of services offered are priced based on packages or the scope of your project.

These can cost anywhere from RM1000 to RM20,000. So if you’re looking for a creative service but you’re on a tight budget, get a creative agency with flexible services to curate the best service according to your needs.


Knowing the types of services available in creative agencies can help you choose the right one that fits your budget.

After all, if you already have your brand established that just needs some level of marketing, you don’t need a full brand strategy package as there’s a difference between branding vs marketing.

Knowing what services are available and which specific ones you need can help you cut down on costs with a flexible creative agency. With that said, you can still opt for other agencies that offer smaller and affordable packages as long as it fits your needs.

Creativity & Style

Every creative agency has its own level of creativity and style. They may be similar, but they shouldn’t be the same.

Some may be loud and bold, while others take a more soft sell advertising approach. This is why it’s important to go through the agency’s past work, portfolio, and even case studies, to see if they’re a good fit for your brand’s style and business needs.

Get A Creative Agency That Cares About Your Brand

At the end of the day, it’s important to choose a creative agency that truly listens to your brand’s story and works to develop an effective digital marketing strategy that helps your business grow and bring in revenue.

Here at One Search Pro, we give you all this and more. As one of the best digital marketing agency, we know the ins and outs of marketing and what it takes to convert customers, be it through website conversion and design or even developing attractive niche content.

When you’re ready to take your business to the next level, contact us for a free consultation!


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