Latest Consumer Trends in 2023 That You Must Know

In the past 2 years since Covid hit, consumers’ shopping habits have altered dramatically. The constant change in how customers shop is influenced by shifts in consumer demand and unpredictabilities like supply chain interruptions. 


However, one thing remains despite all these uncertainties; which is CURIOSITY. No matter what you are trying to buy, every purchase begins with a blink moment of curiosity. Your brand should be ready with a message whenever, wherever, and however, the curiosity sparks. 


Here are three key trends to expect this season and how to influence shoppers and learn how to move customers from inspiration to action.

 Latest Consumer Trends in 2023 That You Must Know  

1. People are going shopping earlier than ever before.


Plan your strategy at least half a year ahead & convert early holiday shoppers into paying customers. 26% of consumers worldwide started their year-end holiday shopping as early as June.


This year’s holiday season will not be an exception, as many people begin planning and shopping months in advance. Those who have already started their holiday shopping want help with gift ideas and inspiration (47%), starting gift lists (44%) and 18% have already made a purchase. 


An undeniable fact is the increasing tendency of consumers is relying on reboxing videos, written recipes, home improvement blogs, and more in their buying decisions. In APAC, 7 out of 10 consumers agree that YouTube advertising increases their tendency to purchase an item. Video marketing advertisements can assist brands in providing audiences with relevant, personalised experiences at their most engaged times. 

Inspiration does not, however, only occur on YouTube. Google is used by 75% of shoppers in Singapore and Indonesia to search for, discover, and assess brands’ products. Why video marketing is so powerful? Visual shopping experiences like lifestyle photography, videos, and customer reviews can leave a lasting impression on customers as they look for inspiration.

Latest Consumer Trends in 2023 That You Must Know


2. A new breed of shoppers: Omnibuyers. 


Over 100% YoY growth has been observed globally in “shopping near me” Google Maps searches. A rise in omnichannel shopping behaviour has resulted in more customers returning to in-store shopping after Covid. 65% of consumers claim that they frequently research products online even if they plan to make an in-store purchase.


Convenience and spontaneity serve as the foundation of these behaviours. Shopping inspiration can strike anytime, anywhere. Searches for “store open” have increased globally by more than 400% YoY across all channels. No matter where they are in their journeys, scale and speed are the keys to reaching more holiday shoppers.

Latest Consumer Trends in 2023 That You Must Know


3. Conscious spending is on the rise amid inflationary pressures. 


To get a decent bargain, 36% of shoppers bought a brand other than their preferred brand. While price is crucial, buyers are also taking more time to research and look for value in their purchases. 53% of consumers are more likely to choose durable products over affordable ones that might need to be replaced more frequently.


Showcase whatever makes your company distinctive to customers as they decide what to buy. Promote your deals, shipping and return benefits, in-store inventory, and store pickup options in your messaging and on Search. Thus, turning window shoppers into loyal customers. 


Whether they are early shoppers, omnibuyers, rigorous researchers, or all three, Google’s tools, insights, and automated solutions can help you understand what your customers want and need. Another alternative is to engage with a digital marketing agency, which they are constantly upgrading & adapting its provided strategies with the latest trends. 


We believe a leading marketing agency’s services shall include services like content copywriting, influencer marketing, graphic design, website design & management, video marketing, live streaming, event marketing, offline marketing, and more. Capture the curiosity of your target audience before your competitors do. 


Credits: Story by Google’s Global Retail Ads Marketing Team

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