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Lifestyle are the scales of every Consumer

Our Approach

We ensure the longevity of lifestyle companies in creating start-up to dominate the market

Having the right combination of experience, expertise, and innovation are key in  making a lifestyle brand significant. Whether a young company trying to figure out the best way to scale, or an established brand venturing into never markets we accommodate all.

We use our analytical skills to determine  our clients’ market outcome. We use this information as a light throughout the process, from ideation to content creation, strategy to execution. We back up our work with facts and figures to achieve your goals.

Our Client



Founded in 2012, is Southeast Asia’s leading eCommerce platform. With a presence in six countries, they connect this vast and diverse region through their technology, logistics and payments capabilities. Today, they have the largest selection of brands and sellers.

Established in 2017, LEET Technology Inc (LEET), is a fast-growing international eGaming technology company across the Asia Pacific. LEET is positioned to further its growth in this region and beyond through its unique product and service offerings such as the competitive gaming solutions and services that cater to a wide spectrum of telecommunication companies and OTT operators.

Our Formula

1.  Market Research

We analyse and conduct a full research on the current markets which includes the highest competitor to our clients prior to adjusting the forms of the company’s market placement. This is crucial as it will benefit our clients with a more transparent understanding on what is needed to succeed.

2.  Consistency
We are consistent as this is the key in keeping the right target consumers interested in our products. Focusing on segmented audiences and understanding their needs and wants will enable us to create a behavioural pattern in which we will use to build strong customer relationships.
3.  Methods of Distribution
Each clientele industry is different, therefore the importance of using the right approach is seen as of utmost importance. Based on the results of our previous formula steps, we will advise upon the best channels or tools to best distribute the brand’s message to its target audience. Whether it be Digital & Social Awareness or Traditional Rowing Campaigns it’s all about sending the right message to the right people.
4.  Optimization
The Optimization of any data or analysis collected is then optimised and allocated based on priority. This is done in order to predict trends, save guard branding reputation along with advising of which marketing channels to best suit targeted audiences.
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