Get a more hands on approach on consumers by going Offline

Depending on industries some products require a more physical approach in attracting consumers.  Therefore we offer our clients with the alternative of Offline Campaigns, allowing them to have a more direct look and feel towards actual consumers.

Our Offline Campaign Services

Awareness can be reached through a variety of different channels; some products are best given with a hands-on approach. We provide our clients with alternatives to a more direct method using traditional campaigns methods, our clients will be able to have a more direct look and field of their markets penetration.

Event Management

Conduct & Organised breathtaking events for your brands

Exhibit Roadshows

Go mobile with roadshows and uncover hidden market potentials

Rowing Team

Having the full utilisation of a support crew on the ground

Live Influencer

Stage the best live influencing from multiple lifestyle segments

Product Launching

Launch your product in style with the best onsite campaign ideas

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